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Doctoral Candidate
Discipline: Interaction Design
Curriculum Vitae: Greek CV / English CV
Contact Info
katemalisova [papaki] aegean [teleia] gr
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Katerina Malisova is a PhD candidate in the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering at the University of the Aegean, specializing in Interaction Design. She holds an Integrated Master's degree in Product and Systems Design Engineering. As a professional  freelance designer, she has actively contributed to the realms of Product Design and User Experience Design. She has also designed corporate identities, visual communication applications, and digital marketing strategies for both domestic and international enterprises.

Her research endeavors primarily revolve around the domains of Interaction Design and User Experience. She is adept at conceptualizing and crafting multi-modal user interfaces, shaping multi-sensory user experiences, and devising interactive solutions to enhance well-being. Additionally, she is dedicated to promoting sustainability through her design interactions. Her scholarly contributions include publications in international scientific journals and presentations at global scientific conferences. Furthermore, she has enthusiastically participated as a volunteer in various academic conferences within her field.

In addition to her academic activity, she has actively engaged as a research fellow and external collaborator in projects undertaken by the Interactive Systems Design Laboratory. Her involvement spans across areas such as Digital Cultural Heritage and the Design and Development of Innovative Digital Technology Infrastructures and Services, with a specific focus on supporting and horizontally monitoring agri-food practices.

She is a member of the Interactive Systems Design Laboratory within the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering.


Research Interests

  • Interaction Design
  • Interactive Systems Design
  • User Experience
  • Tangible Interaction
  • Sensory Interaction
  • Sustainable Interactions
  • Affective computing
  • Physical computing


PhD Dissertation Title

Design of Sustainable interactions that promotes user wellbeing


PhD commitee

  • PhD Candidate at the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering, University of the Aegean, Syros
  • Product & Systems Design Engineering Diploma (Integrated Master), University of the Aegean, Syros
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  • Malisova, K., Mania, K., Moysiadou, S.A., & Kourkoutas, E. (2015). Tangram Quests: A Tablet Adventure Game Assisting Children with High Functioning Autism to Enhance their Communicative and Social Skills. EDULEARN15 Proceedings, 481-487.
  • Koutsabasis, P., Vosinakis, S., Malisova, K., & Paparounas, N. (2012). On the value of virtual worlds for collaborative design. Design Studies, 33(4), 357-390.