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Students and graduates of the Department and the Postgraduate Degree Program have received numerous prizes and awards in national and international competitions. Most of them can be found on the department's facebook page, some of which are: 



  • Award (1st Place in the Free Presentation category) in the Robotics Competition in the context of the 10th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SETN2018) held July 9-12 in Patras, for the design and construction of the robot Viol by Konstantinos Englos and students Maragaki under the supervision of Mr. Xydias (represented by Mr. Moulianitis).

  • Distinction in the International Design Awards competition for the design and construction of Coring interactive table by graduate student Athos Kiratzis in collaboration with lecturer Modestos Stavrakis.


  • International Competition My Precious Plastics. Graduate of the Postgraduate Program in Interactive and Industrial Products and Systems Design, Mr. Dimitris Haidas won 1st place.. More...  

  • Prize awarded to Eirini Gellis, graduate of the Department, from the Aegean University Real Estate Asset Management Company for the design of the University of the Aegean Commemorative Items - "Design for the Aegean".

  • Greek creative entrepreneurship with the inspiration, aesthetics and talent of the students of the Department of Product Design and Systems Engineering at the University of the Aegean in Syros, was presented at the European Parliament in October 2017 in Brussels. 

  • A partnership of Product and System Design Engineers with Motor Oil Hellas to design a new range of Cyclon lubricants. Student Ioannis Kanellopoulos and an interdisciplinary team of DPSDE teachers undertook the detailed planning to bring the new designs to production. 


  • DPSDE graduate Lefteris Tsambikakis wins the Red Dot Design Award for designing Magnetoshere Desk Lamp. Also, read a related article on core77

  • DPSDE graduate George Maninis and his team receive funding from Google to design and develop a mobile application for blind navigation. More here...

  • DPSDE alumni Paris Xyndarianos (also a PhD candidate), Eugenia Antoniou and Evangelos Papandreou were awarded the competition "Designing for the Greek Cultural Heritage" organized by the Treasurer of the Archaeological Fund. More here and here


  • DPSDE students Andreas-Orpheus Makos and Manolis Stratis were awarded the 1st Prize of the international A'Design Awards competition for the design of the Pandora Multifunctional Sofa. 

  • Graduate Spyros Kizis won the 3rd prize in the international competition of Dromeas SA (Dromeas S.A.). 

  • Tripsleep is a mobile app that lets you sleep without fear in the public transport, as it wakes you up as soon as you reach your stop. Among its creators is Irene Kasti, graduate of the department,. TrimSleep has been recognized in the European StartupBus Europe competition, taking first place in the Milestones Competition against 45 teams from all over Europe.. 


  • The Best of the Best award at the annual Red Dot Award Concept Design Awards, among 4750 proposals from 63 countries, was awarded to a team led by Apostolos Papamatheakis, a graduate of the department. Apostolos is also a founding member of MyAegean, the student portal of the Aegean University. 

  • Graduate Spyros Kizis is awarded the Silver Dot Awards (Communication Design category). 

  • Graduate Symeon Kanis and student Eriana Panopoulou worked with the team that designed and built the first purely Greek satellite! The L-Sat satellite has been launched on July 13, 2014 and will now be on a low trajectory to be used for both research and commercial ship surveillance / protection purposes. 

  • The Hulu series, designed for Pinvita by graduate Venice Yota, won the Red Dot Award 2014

  • Graduate Natasa Hatziaggeli won the Silver A 'Design Award for the Louvre Light series. 

  • Graduate Thanos Pappas and his team won 1st prize in the Future Mobility competition co-organized by Our Future Mobility Now and Fiat, to design an accessible car for people with mobility problems. See also here


  • On 15/4/2013, three teams from the department participated in the Greek finals of the 11th Microsoft Imagine Cup Student World Competition. The Majestic team (consisting of students Dimitris Seleridis, Aphrodite Kalpiris, Dimitra Karagiannakou & Maria Romosiou) was awarded 1st place in the category “Innovation” by Museo. The 4Sense team (consisting of students Anna Gardelis, Roxani Skiada & Eva Soroniati) were awarded 2nd place in the 'World Citizenship' category with the EasyLexia application aimed at improving literacy and learning for children aged 12 and older with dyslexia. Student Christos Doumouzis also participated in the final, with the IRES application that allows for the speedy and immediate call of emergency vehicles, automating the number keying process (eg 166) and verbal location clarification.

  • Fortune Greece hosts a tribute to nine young designers, including graduates of the Department of Design Engineering Andrianna Nassou and Angelina Grammatikaki. 

  • Graduate Ioanna Kastanioti was a member in the 10 finalist teams of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies' Innovation & Entrepreneurship competition. The team designed Pneumo, a practical portable spirometer connected to a smartphone and allowing the user to make a complete measurement wherever he is, digitally send it online to his doctor to keep track of his state of health. 

  • Loukas Chondros, a student in the Department of Design Engineering, is the winner of the Graphic Design category at the BiC Razor Minds competition. The winner will be fully employed for 6 months in the World R & D (R&D) Department of BiC Shavers.

  • Graduate Lina Patsiou,  was selected as a Young Designer Talent of the Year nominee for the Elle Deco International Design Awards by ELLE DECOR.


  • Mr. Dimitris Haidas, postgraduate alumni, won 3rd place in the International Competition Hands Off My Design 2012.. The award was presented in the European Parliament in Brussels on 1 February 2012 by the Commissioner Michel Barnier.

  • Mr. Andreas Thanos, postgraduate alumni and co-founder of Bob Studiowon 1st place in the European Design Award.

2011 and before  

  • Graduate Christina Billiouris, who continued her studies at the Royal College of Art, wins an award at the London Design Festival for the Transensing: Glassware for the Blind product line.

  • Open Competition Design of a Digital Book Reader (E-Book Reader) and Accompanying Content Platform 2009 (University of Patras (FP) & Free Software / Open Source Software (FOSS) Software under the auspices of Students of Simos Kanis and Stavros Tassoudis won the Second Prize.