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This Department offers a five-year undergraduate study programme. It is structured in line with internationally recognized practices, being consistent with the objectives of the Department. Each of the modules that comprise it receives teaching units, as well as credit units ECTS, which are taken into account in calculating the Diploma mark.

This Department’s  curriculum is unified (i.e. it is not separated in sequential course clusters). The course modules offered during the first three years are all compulsory and cover about 40% of the total number of modules offered and about 60% of the modules required for obtaining the Diploma.

In addition to these, students can choose from a range of approximately thirty-two (32) optional modules (the exact number of available optional modules may vary each year).

Moreover, seventeen (17) stream compulsory modules are offered.

Follow the links for further details about the Undergraduate Programme structure, Study Streams, and Course Modules.

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More details on the detailed undergraduate program guide (2019-2020).