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Starting from the academic year 2016-2017 our department operates a Postgraduate Program (MSc) entitled "Integrated Product Design & Innovation (IPDI)” worth ninety (90) Credit Units (ECTS).

The subject of the Master's Degree is integrated/holistic product design, effectively covering a wide range of fields of knowledge and skills involved in the product life cycle.


MSc program Objectives

  • Providing the necessary, high-level knowledge on the distinct stages of a product's life cycle with a holistic and anthropocentric approach and the use and application of new technologies. Promoting knowledge and developing research in scientific fields related to product design, analysis and optimization.
  • Interconnecting new designers with businesses by leveraging current design practices.
  • The preparation for postgraduate doctoral studies.

The Master of Science (MSc) is divided into full-time and part-time students, where the full-time program is three (3) semesters and the part-time program is five (5) semesters.

To obtain the MSc, ninety (90) ECTSs are required. The credits are divided as follows: First semester courses are valued at 30 ECTS, second semester courses are valued at 30 ECTS and thesis at 30 ECTS.