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The successful 20-year course of the Department of Product and Systems Design & Engineering (DPSDE) of the University of the Aegean, and the pioneering nature of its Curriculum, are confirmed by the evaluation results of the recent (Spring 2020), extremely demanding and systematic process of accreditation, of its five-year undergraduate study programme. The process was carried out by a committee of independent experts appointed by the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (ΗΑΗΕ), an independent administrative body whose mission is to ensure high quality in Higher Education.

Accreditation is a fundamental quality assurance process carried out on the basis of ten (10) pre-defined, internationally accepted and pre-published quantitative and qualitative criteria and indicators, harmonized with the Principles and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Area (ESG 2015). The purpose of the accreditation is to ensure the quality of Higher Education, as well as the efficiency and transparency of the overall operation of University departments. 

The process includes the examination of evidence that run through the entire range of structure, organization and operation of the Department and involves a number of stakeholders who either come directly from the Department itself (teaching and administrative staff members, students, etc.) or are related to it (graduates, companies employing graduates, local agencies, etc.). Overall, the process is recognized as completely reliable and accepted, in accordance with international practice.

The extremely encouraging results, according to which the Department fully complies with nine out of ten quality assurance criteria, and only narrowly misses the tenth (with an individual score of 9/10), highlight the quality characteristics of the organization, operation and training provided, confirming its position as a state-of-the art University Department for related subjects, in Greece and abroad.

Publication date: 05-12-2021

Size: Accreditation Report 1.31ΜΒ, Accreditation certificate 121KB.