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The Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering was founded in 2000, when it began its academic function. It belongs to the Polytechnic School of the University of the Aegean, based in Syros.

It is the only department of Design Engineering in Greece and collaborates with many major schools of European design in various contexts: summer schools, student exchanges (Erasmus), research, etc. thus demonstrating significant activity in the field of Design in Greece and internationally.

Today, the department numbers more than 900 undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as 15 PhD candidates. Some 700 design engineers have graduated from the department’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

Its focus is on the integrated design of modern and emerging products, systems and services following the new approaches in the interdisciplinary area of design, creatively combining knowledge and methodologies from a wide range of sciences, recognizing the anthropocentric character of Design as well as the role of the arts within it, and placing a significant emphasis on the use of new technologies.

The Department aspires to consolidate and further strengthen its position in the Greek and international academic environment, as well as to increase its attractiveness -in conditions of international economic and social crisis- reinforcing its educational mission through the continuous incorporation of the most up-to-date knowledge into the curriculum and the provision of student care through the securing of food and housing infrastructures. 

It is an important lever for local and regional development, through:

• Offering opportunities for high level studies at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level 

• Creation of highly-skilled graduates for job coverage in Greece and abroad

 • A multitude of collaborations and a wide-ranging contribution to the qualitative upgrading of offered products and services at local, national and international level. 

In order to achieve its vision, the Department of Product Design Engineering invests in the quality of its academic constitution and in the responsibility of its scientific and administrative staff and builds on its tradition of innovation, multidisciplinarity and its social role.