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Graduates of the Product Design and Engineering department (Design Engineers) can work individually or co-operate within multidisciplinary teams in the creative and thorough design of tangible or digital products, systems or services. 

The discipline of a Design Engineer can be practiced professionally in a variety of ways (employment relationships) as well as consulting. 

Graduates of the department are able to fulfil a wide range of business needs in accordance with the three undergraduate programme streams

Design Engineers are involved throughout the full lifecycle of the design and development of tangible or digital products, systems and services, which may include (but are not limited to): feasibility studies, ideation, drawing up specifications, conceptual design, detailed design, prototyping, auditing, evaluation, usability testing, accessibility etc. 

Indicatively, Design Engineers can be employed in the following sectors: 

  • In education, in all grades of public or private institutions whose curriculum is relevant to product, systems or service design. 

  • In research, in any discipline which is related to the broader field of design. Research can be purely theoretical, not directly related to commercial interests, or can be conducted for industrial application under public or private funding, in research centres and institutions run by private corporations, national governments or other european or global organizations. 

  • In the public sector, as consultants or developers of systems, products and services designed for public use, where ease of use and accessibility are key. Examples include the design and quality assurance of public products, systems and services such as e-government (websites, mobile apps, etc.),  or other physical goods such as public administration service points, amusement parks, cultural sites (archeological points of interest, museums etc.) and education (schools, training programmes, non-formal education etc.).  

  • In the private sector, as professional Design Engineers or Designers, running Design Studios offering integrated and innovative design of tangible or digital products, systems and services; working autonomously or in collaboration with other professionals or within companies, for example in industry, SMEs or construction, and in general in any company that offers services either physically or digitally (banks, media, NGOs and any other commercial organization).