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Our Department participates in the ERASMUS+ mobility programme, in collaboration with the ERASMUS Office of the University of the Aegean, which issues calls for expression of interest and is in charge of the implementation of the approved actions. The international mobility programme offers our students the opportunity to carry out part of their studies or even do their internship in other EU countries, including some non-EU countries with which there is an inter-institutional agreement. Moreover, faculty and administrative staff can also participate in short-term teaching or training programmes.

Given our students’ high demand for Erasmus places, especially for Erasmus internship, there has been increased allocation of Erasmus internship places to our Department. Thus, the number of our students who are selected for internship has almost doubled to 21 in 2018 from 11 in 2017. What’s more, this six-month internship abroad offers a springboard for professional development to α significant number of our students who eventually build up a career in the host country.

Erasmus internship can be performed even after graduation provided students have applied for it during the course of their studies.

What’s more, unlike studies where an inter-institutional mobility agreement is required, internship allows flexibility in selecting any enterprise in the EU. New inter-institutional agreements are also possible, yet this can be a time-consuming process so it is suggested that students select Institutions that have already signed an agreement with our University (for more information please refer to the Erasmus website of the University of the Aegean).

Similarly, our Department hosts faculty and students from universities with which there is a mobility agreement and offers incoming ERASMUS students a number of courses, the lectures of which are delivered in English.

Along with the incoming students, all DPSDE students can attend the lectures and workshops offered by visiting professors within the mobility agreement framework. In most cases, lectures are delivered in English.

Through the ERASMUS Program further actions // various initiatives are developed in collaboration with other European Universities, for example the Susede Summer School (Sustainable Service Design) where students from our Department along with students from four other European universities (Koeln School of Design, Lancaster University, Politecnico di Milano, Delft University) participated.

Considering that the educational process and development is undoubtedly enriched through mobility programmes and initiatives, our Department encourages the participation of our students and staff in any such actions.

Courses offered through the Erasmus programme for 2023-2024.