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The map depicts the departmental building infrastructure. Clicking on the arrow icon at the top left of the map next to the title will open a list of markers where you can see summary information and addresses for each building.

University of the Aegean - Syros Ermoupoli

Points of Interest


1. Former High School of Syros – “1st Gymnasio Building” 


Building Α

Ground Floor:

  • Machine Room (Α.0.1, ground floor)
  • Information and Communication Service (Α.0.2, ground floor)
  • Computer Labs Εργαστήρια Η/Υ (Α.0.3, Α.0.4, ground floor)
  • Postgraduate student teaching rooms (Α.0.5, ground floor)
  • Interactive Design Laboratory

1st Floor:

  • Office of Head of Department (Α.1.3, 1st Floor)
  • Offices of Faculty (1st Floor)
  • Teleconference lecture room ("Parthenon" Α.1.5, 1st Floor)
  • Lecture room/meeting room (Α.1.6, 1st Floor)


Building Β

  • Amphitheatre (Β.0.2, ground floor).
  • Student Reading Room (Β.1.1, 1st floor)
  • Lecture rooms (Β.1.2, Β.1.3, 1st floor)
  • Office (Building maintenance) (Β.1.4, 1ος όροφος)


2. "Panagoulis" lecture room. 

  • Lecture Room: "Panagoulis (P.1.1)of the Cultural Centre (Pnevmatiko Kentro) of the municipality of Syros-Ermoupolis


3. Building known as the former Cyclades Chamber of Commerce (proin Epimelitiriou Kykladon) (1 Konstantinopoleus St., opposite the former Gymnasium building)  

  • Regional Directorate Office

  • Registrar and Postgraduate Administration

  • Administrative, Economic and Technical Services 


4. Former Casino of Syros (junction of Sifnou, Serifou and stamatiou Proiou Sts) 

  • Lecture Rooms and Studio(I.0.1)

  • Integrated Industrial Design Laboratory (I.1.1)

  • Design-Colour Laboratory(I.1.2)

  • Teaching Staff Offices  (I.1.3)

  • Teaching Staff Offices and lecture room/teleconference room (Ι.1.4)


5. Kornilaki Building (Iroon Polytechniou 98, opposite the Athletic Centre Dimitrios Vikelas)

  • Library and Reading Rooms 


6. Student club – restaurant (Chiou 43, on Miaouli square)