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The Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering was founded in 2000, when it began its operation. It is part of the Polytechnic School of the University of the Aegean, based on the island of Syros. It is the first department of Design Engineering in Greece. 

Design is a particular subject that combines art and science, theory and practice. The nature of design discussion is ongoing in internet-based communities such as: Core77, Dexigner and portals such as the The DieLineDe Zeen and  Co.Design. Important related academic publications  are: Design StudiesDesign IssuesCoDesign etc. 

The countries that base their economy on the creative industries such as the USA, England, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Italy, etc., have many schools and Design departments, e.g. Carnegie-Mellon DesignDelft Design EngineeringKISD (Köln International School of Design)Scuola del Design Politecnico di Milano, etc. In recent years, new design schools are emerging in countries whose economies are based on product manufacture, such as China (e.g. the University World News) and India (e.g. National Institute of Design).

To learn more about the department, you can start by getting acquainted with the department, using the links to its Identity and Vision and What is a Design Engineer?

In our department, committees have been created that consist of staff members and have the supervision of specific areas of its operation. By decision of the 3rd Regular Assembly (24.10.2018), the departmental committees for the academic year 2018-2019 were established. 

To orient yourself, you may see here a map of the locations of the departmental buildings.