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μηχανικός σχεδίασης

The Design Engineer, having the merit of an interdisciplinary view of design, can interfere creatively in all phases of the "life cycle" of a product, system or service, starting from the necessity its existence, to its form, the manufacture of prototypes, and up to the design of its actual realisation (Robinson et al. 2005). 

The spread of the information society, globalisation and the new needs and requirements that emerge from them, create new industries and services resulting in the birth of new forms of systems, products and services. The Design Engineer is able to contribute to the identification, conception, and creation of products, systems and services that are appropriate in terms of form, content, function, and value for human action. 

Especially in Greece, the need for design designers and engineers is greater especially in areas such as services (physical or digital), corporate identity, industrial products, new technologies, user experience and combinations of these. This is also evident from the high absorption of the department's graduates in the labour market in Greece and abroad.  

Examples of emerging, original and innovative products, systems and services designed by students and graduates of design engineering can be seen in indicative examples from course projects, final year undergraduate and postgraduate theses, as well as samples of work from portfolios of students and alumni, not to mention their award-winning designs in international and national competitions.