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Course Director: Florentia Oikonomidou
co-lecturer: Elsa Charalambous
Course Code: 2306
Educational Units: 4
ECTS Units: 4
Type: Compulsory (C)
Semester: 02 (Spring)
Hours: 6 hours lab

The Course aims at the drawing technique as a tool for research and discovery. Through special exercises the students will be called to develop their ability to discover original ideas and to become fluent in the expression of aesthetically correct suggestions.

The second semester completes the Course approach in theory and practice. Students develop the ability to analyze a picture to its visual elements and reconstruct it again. Teaching develops in both fields of theory and practice, so the students may acquire knowledge of the rules (on structure, rhythm, layout and use of color) and practice creating their own compositions applying varied materials and techniques in two or three dimensions (drawing, mixed media and printing).

  • gain a fuller understanding of Drawing and Color.
  • acquire skills in product and human figure drawing.
  • create their own compositions without observing models.
  • develop their creativity by experimentally exploring traditional and digital techniques of three-dimensional construction, design, color, print and animation.
  • Modern Art / Argan, On Beauty: A History of a Western Idea / Eco, The Ugly Truth / Eco
  • Art and Illusion / Gobrich, Concerning the spiritual in Art / Kandinsky, Aesthetics from classical Greece to the present – a sort History / Beardsley