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Course Director: Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos
Course Code: 8014
Educational Units: 4
ECTS Units: 5
Type: Compulsory Stream 3 (ΥΕΚ3)
Semester: 07 (Winter)
Hours: 4 hours lecture

The content of the course is conceived by an interdepartmental committee assembling experienced academic staff of the University of the Aegean. The focus is on creative and innovative business subjects.

An indicative course schedule is following:
Course Subject
1st Introduction to Entrepreneurship
2nd Creativity & Innovation – Recognition of Opportunities
3rd Entrepreneurship, Business Environment, Leadership & Management 
4th General Introduction to the Business Plan
5th Definition of the «new value»
6th Market Analysis - Tools and Techniques
7th Marketing & Sales
8th Positioning of new businesses
9th New Business’ Hiring and Human Resources
10th Negotiations & Networking
11th Operating new businesses: the Legal Framework
12th Financing tools for business support
13th Feasibility Evaluation

Students are introduced to the notions of entrepreneurship via a scientifically documented  framework. Emphasis is given to the writing of a feasible business plan integrating all theoretical notions taught during the course. At the end of the course the student will be able to write any business plan required in his professional life using reliable content via internet resources. He or she will be able to evaluate the originality and  innovation of the business plan using analytical and design tools (SWOT, PERT, Business Canvas, etc) that are commonly used in the professional life.

Basic Textbooks

  • Bilton, Chris (2007), Management and creativity: from creative industries to creative management
  • Bruce, Margaret, Bessant, J. R., (2002), Design in business: strategic innovation through design
  • Von Stamm, Bettina (2003), Managing innovation, design and creativity

Additional References

  • Siropolis, Nicholas C. (1997), Small business management
  • Sterman, John (2000), Business dynamics: systems thinking and modeling for a complex world
  • Deitel, Harvey M.Deitel, Paul J., Steinbuhler, K., (2001), E-business and e-commerce for managers
  • Laudon, Kenneth, C. Traver, Carol Guercio, (2004), E-commerce: business, technology, society
  • Laudon, Kenneth, C. Traver, Carol Guercio, (2005), Case book to accompany E-commerce: business, technology, society