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Course Director: Avra Karaphilis
Course Code: 2354
Educational Units: 3
ECTS Units: 2
Type: Compulsory (C)
Semester: 02 (Spring)
Hours: 3 hours lecture

This course aims at:

a) Revising the main syntactical and grammatical structures, as well as other issues and topics concerning general and everyday use of the English language. In particular, issues which are closely related to academic and professional needs such as oral presentations, e-mail, reports and descriptions (oral or written ones), etc.

b) Familiarizing students with terminology related to the broader field of Design Engineering. For this purpose educational books on terminology are used (thematically different for each semester), together with audiovisual and authentic printed material, such as scientific articles, surveys, newspaper articles, etc.


Verb Tenses and their use

-        Question Making

-        Passive Voice

-        Derivatives

-        Telling the Time

-        Numbers: cardinal, ordinal, room/phone/bank acc. nos., etc.

-        Prepositions, as well as standard and useful expressions to describe graphs, diagrams, pictures, etc.


i)       Texts, comprehension questions, vocabulary and terminology related to the following scientific domains:

-        Computing, Information Technology

-        the broader Technological domain (Technical English)

-        Design

-        Fine Arts

ii)      Oral Presentations

-        Instructions and guidelines on delivering presentations

-        Students’ presentations the topics of which are derived from scientific and technical areas covered in class

iii)            Practice in writing essays and reports the topics of which are derived from scientific and technical areas covered in class

  • Use the language adequately enough to handle basic academic and professional needs
  • Understand and use terminology related to their field of study
  • Deliver oral presentations, write e-mails, make oral or written reports and descriptions, etc.

1.     Oxford Collocations Dictionary [ed.: OUP]

2.     Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary + CD ROM [ed.: OUP]

3.     Hyper Lexicon [ed.: Stafylides]

4.     Technology & Science Dictionary (English-Greek & Greek-English) [ed.: Stafylides]

5.     Grammarway 4 [English edition], with answers [ed.: Express Publishing]

6.     Advanced Grammar & Vocabulary [English edition] + answer key [ed.: Express Publishing]

7.     Tech Talk [Pre-Intermediate] [ed.: OUP]

8.     Technology 1 [ed.: OUP]

9.     Oxford Eng. for Information Technology [ed.: OUP]

10.  The English We Use for the Arts [ed.: Hellene]

11.    Design - a crash course [ed. Watson-Guptill]