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The development of cooperative relationships between the different functions of the organization and the abolition of silo thinking are two of the most important preconditions for the (today's) transformation of enterprises.

In this context, according to an Econsultancy survey, HR and Marketing departments come closer to create a single corporate Brand, which starts from the recruitment process and ends up interacting with consumers. And as the dual HR and Marketing roles become reality in several international organizations, the 22nd KPMG Human Resources Symposium held on 7 February 2019 opened the dialogue on effective synergies between the two departments in the most important fields of employer branding and employee experience.

Irini Rigopoulou, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Athens, was invited to this Symposium in the context of the partnership and convergence of the academic with the business and professional world in order to discuss with distinguished speakers, executives of the Greek market, HR, and marketing and customer intelligence to coordinate their actions in the "War on Talent."

irini rigopoulou participating in HR symposium in Athens