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Course Director: Elias Xidias
Course Code: 3353
Educational Units: 3
ECTS Units: 4
Type: Elective (ΕΕ)
Semester: 08 (Spring)
Hours: 3 hours lecture

This course provides students with an introduction to essential elements of modern mathematics for computing.

Sets, constructions and relations, universal and conditional statements, and reasoning about functions through the use of Diagrams; Review of some facts about complex numbers; Propositional and predicate logic, recurrences and mathematical induction; Set theory; Binary relations; Combinatoric counting principles, including sum and product rules, pigeonhole principle; Automata; Algebra Boole; Graph theory (generalized relations).



  • Elements of discrete mathematics, C.L.Liu
  • Discrete mathematics with applications, Susanna Epp