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"The Journey"

Art exhibition at Athens airport

22.07.2019 - 31.12.2019


Teachers, artists and designers, along with their students, are exhibiting works at the Athens airport and have created a joint theme "The Journey".

Real, imaginary or figurative, travel transmits the element of wandering and discovery. For artists and designers, the project production process is often a journey. As for the projects, they can in turn transfer the spectators to fantastic venues in time.

The area of ​​Athens International Airport is ideally suited to the subject, as the airport is intertwined with the concept of travel and is a "crossroad" for travelers from all over the world.

Although everyone - teachers and students - takes advantage of the unique features of digital imagery, the different approach to each, combined with each artist's personal style and references, comprises a diverse set of works that reflect a contemporary reality, both artistically and psychologically.

Portraits of intercultural travelers, realistic travel images, illustrations of places where the past unites with the present, universal worlds, travel objects and vehicles, reflect travel's digital searches with video animation, visual art and design objects.


Collaborators and Artists:

Department of Systems Design & Engineering, University of the Aegean

  • Assistant Prof. Florence Economidou
  • Lina Xygonaki, student
  • Rodi Orphanidou, student
  • Daniele Harasanakis, student
  • Lect. Eirini Leontakianakou, Art historian
  • Sergios Fotiadis, Designer, Instructor
  • Christina Skouloudi, Designer, Instructor
  • Elsa Charalambous, Artist, Instructor


Athens School of Fine Arts

  • Prof. Michalis Arfaras
  • Despina Manolarou, student


Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

  • Prof. Manolis Giannadakis
  • Ioannis Belibasakis, graduate
  • Prof. Sakhinis Xenia
  • Ioannis Anastasiou, student
  • Maria Dimokas, student
  • Assistant Prof. Stelios Dexis
  • Myrto Vounatsou, Artistic Associate Prof. St. Dexhi
  • Fani Arapi, student


Curated by: Florence Economidou

THE BOX Fine Arts Showcase-Promotion

  • Organized by: Michalis Katsogiannos



  • Editing-Coordination: Hara-Eleni Mitsotakis, Department of Public Relations & Culture
  • Technical Support: Plan B
  • Digital Prints: Apolyto Creative Spot


Art Exhibition 'The Journey' Poster - Athens International Airport, July 2019