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Stamatina Anastopoulou

University of the Aegean
e-mail: manast (at) aegean(dot)gr

Research interests

I am interested in all aspects of designing new technologies to enhance learning and interaction, including planning, analysis and evaluation. More specific research interests include:

  • Science learning: I regard practical work as an indispensable, vital part of science teaching and learning. I have explored its benefits in a variety of science learning and teaching contexts, and aimed to explain these benefits in the light of current learning theories and practices (e.g. Anastopoulou et al., 2012).
  • Design and Evaluation of inquiry-based learning: I am seeking to explore methods of guiding the assessment of innovative scientific investigations that leads to valid and reliable measurable outcomes and skills (e.g. Anastopoulou et al., 2012, Scanlon et al., 2012, Ainsworth et al., 2010),
  • Enriching students’ experiences with science. (e.g. Knight, et al., 2007, Sotiriou, et al., 2006)
  • Human Computer Interaction: I am interested in evaluating usability and usefulness of learning technologies. Currently we explore Critical Incidents Analysis, as a reflective method to provide requirements within an iterative framework of technology design (e.g. Anastopoulou & Sharples, submitted). As part of my PhD, I explored the usefulness of multimodal interaction with technologies (e.g. Anastopoulou et al., 2011)

I have worked with children and technology in both Greece and the UK, and have gained a good understanding of curriculum aims and pedagogy, learning theories, and post-compulsory education.

I was working on Personal Inquiry (PI): Designing for Evidence-based Inquiry Learning across Formal and Informal Settings. It is a collaborative project with the Open University, funded by the ESRC/EPSRC TEL initiative, to support 21st century science learning with advanced technologies. The aim of the project is to help children to develop their scientific understanding through the use of a new personalised learning toolkit that will support mobile learning in diverse contexts, e.g. their classroom, homes and fieldtrips.


Stamatina is a post-doc researcher at Educational Technology lab, of the University of Athens. She had a research fellowship at the Learning Sciences Research Institute of the University of Nottingham, after spending a year in Ellinogermaniki Agogi.

She completed her PhD at the University of Birmingham in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering focusing on multimodal interactions for the design of an environment to support science learning.

She obtained a Masters degree in Cognitive Science, a joined degree from the Schools of Psychology and Computer Science at the University of Birmingham in 2000. Her MSc thesis was about "SALL: Specifying a system to Support Academics’ Lifelong Learning" (abstract). 
She gained a teaching assistantship in the University of the Aegean,
Dept. of Product and Systems Design on Syros island during the fall semester of 2000. 

Prior to her postgraduate studies, she worked for the Hellenic Operational Research Society and the University of the Aegean,  Dept. of Information and Communication Systems as a researcher until 1999. 


Journal Publications

[J07] Sharples, Mike, Scanlon, Eileen; Ainsworth, Shaaron, Anastopoulou, Stamatina, Collins, Trevor; Crook, Charles; Jones, Ann; Kerawalla, Lucinda; Littleton, Karen,  Mulholland, Paul, O'Malley, Claire. Personal Inquiry: Orchestrating science investigations within and beyond the classroom. Journal of the Learning Sciences, Vol. 24, Iss. 2, 2015

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[J04] Scanlon E., Anastopoulou S., Kerawalla L., Mulholland P. (2012). How technology resources can be used to represent personal inquiry and support students' understanding of it across contexts. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. [doi10.1111/j.1365-2729.2011.00414.x]

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Book chapters

[BC01] Ng Wan, Anastopoulou Stamatina (2010). A Comparative study of the use of personal handheld computers by Australian and UK school students. In Ng W. (ed) Mobile Technologies and Handheld Devices for Ubiquitous Learning: Research and Pedagogy, IGI Global

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Conference Publications

[C25] S. Anastopoulou, M. Daskolia (2012). Construction kits for teachers: implications for design «Constructionism 2012 – Theory, Practice and Impact», 21-25 August, Athens-Greece

[C24] S. Anastopoulou, M. Daskolia, M. Rozaki (2012). “Neighborhoods”: Engaging students into inquiring about their local communities from a place-based perspective. «Constructionism 2012 – Theory, Practice and Impact», 21-25 August, Athens-Greece

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Stamatina Anastopoulou, Zacharoula Smyrnaiou, Chronis Kynigos (2011). Bringing intuitions of natural and virtual interactions into conflict: the POLYMECHANON experience. In proceedings of the GW 2011: The 9th International Gesture Workshop Gesture in Embodied Communication and Human-Computer Interaction May 25-27, 2011, Athens, Greece

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(PDF -17KB, Preprint version available in PDF)

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Preprint version available in
PDF (9KB).  

[C01] Anastopoulou, S., Sharples, M. (2000). A system prototype to support academics' lifelong learning: selecting a design concept and the role of the design process. 13th National Conference of Hellenic Operational Research Society, Piraeus, 30 November - 2 December 2000. 
Preprint version available in PDF (66KB)

Invited talks

Stamatina Anastopoulou (2009). Personal Inquiry. 'Brown Bag' Seminar talk  University of Leicester, Dept of Museum Studies, 28-1-2009.

Stamatina Anastopoulou (2008). Personal Inquiry: science learning in context. Position paper for the pre-conference workshop "Real-Time methods for monitoring, evaluating, and scaffolding students’ reflective inquiry in CSCL environments" ICLS 2008. June 23rd, 2008, Utrecht University 


[Th02] S. Anastopoulou, (2004). Investigating Multimodal Interactions for the Design of Learning Environments: A Case Study in Science Learning. PhD Thesis, School of Electronics, Electrical and Computing Engineering, The University of Birmingham. (Thesis: PDF - 956KB, Appendices: PDF - 445KB )

[Th01] S. Anastopoulou, (2000). SALL: Designing a system to Support Academics' Lifelong Learning, MSc Thesis. (Thesis: PDF - 339 KB, References: PDF - 12 KB)