Electronic Commerce.  To Appear, 2001

Proactive Assistance to Users of Electronic Brokerage Systems: The Design of the GAIA Interaction Agent

P. Koutsabasis, J Darzentas, T. Spyrou and J.S. Darzentas


In this paper, interaction agents are proposed as a metaphor of the agent/personal assistant, for computer-based environments that are innovative with a tendency to produce information overload and thus are possibly difficult to use. Brokerage systems are typically such complex environments. The manner by which interaction agents can provide useful assistance to users is presented both generically and in the context of the GAIA brokerage environment. The requirements for the interaction agent architectural components are explained and the agent’s conceptual architecture is described. The modelling of the agent environment and interactions, and the selection of inference mechanisms is discussed, as well as the technical approach taken. While the requirements, design and development approach for interaction agents is generic, it is examined in the context of the ACTS (AC 221) project GAIA (Generic Architecture for Information Availability), where this work has been curried out.



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