in Julie Jacko, Constantine Stephanidis (Eds), Human Computer Interaction: Theory and Practice
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, ISBN: 0805849300, 2003

Synthesising Creativity: Systems to support interactive human processes for aesthetic product design

Modestos Stavrakis, Thomas Spyrou, John Darzentas


Current technology systems, focusing in product design, do not provide a complete creative environment. This paper proposes the ‘fusion’ of artificial agents and human designers in a synthetic environment for aesthetic product design. Computational models alone cannot fulfil the cycle of aesthetic product design because they are unable to evaluate variables related to aesthetic features of products/artefacts intended for humans. To overcome this limitation this paper proposes a system based on agents that act as a society and interact with designers in order to support their creative processes for aesthetic product design.

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Thomas Spyrou (Spyrou T.)