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Doctoral Candidate
Curriculum Vitae: Greek CV / English CV
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dpsdd20006 [papaki] syros [teleia] aegean [teleia] gr
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V. Gkelmpouras holds a Diploma of Production engineering and Management from Technical University of Crete (2019). Currently enrolled as a PhD Candidate in department of Product and Systems Design Engineering at University of the Aegean, on the field “3D parametric modeling of cultural heritage artifacts”. In undergraduate studies, during his diploma thesis he got involved with 3D design of mechanical objects and with the study of their rendering, focusing on the clear view of different parts.

Volunteering contribution in a paneuropean entrepreneurship conference, Startup Europe Week Crete for four consecutive years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), concerning the development of startups in Crete, in Greece and in Europe. In the meanwhile he was a volunteering member of NGO Youth Entrepreneurship Club, and he was organizing events, seminars and meetings concerning young entrepreneurship and start-up businesses.


Research interests:

  • 3D parametric modelling
  • Reconstruction of industrial objects
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Design Intent


Doctoral dissertation

3D parametric modeling of cultural heritage artifacts


2019 - Diploma of Production engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Greece