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Assistant Professor
Discipline: Design of mechatronic product and systems
Curriculum Vitae: Greek CV / English CV
Contact Info
Office: Old 1st Gymnasio Building, office Α.1.2.3
Postal Address: Konstantinoupoleos 2, Ermoupolis, Syros, ΤΚ 84100
Phone: 22810-97148
moulianitis [papaki] syros [teleia] aegean [teleia] gr
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V.C. Moulianitis is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineer and Aeronautics Dept of the University of Patras (1996). He has completed doctoral studies (2004) at the same university in the field of mechatronics design. Since 2018, he is serving as Assistant Professor of the Department of Product and Systems Engineering of the University of the Aegean (Design of mechatronic product and systems).

His research activity extends to the areas of mechatronic design robotics, focused in kinematics and robotic arm optimization. He has published more than 65 papers on the above topics in international scientific journals, book chapters and international and national scientific conferences.

His published work has attracted more than 100 citations (h-index: 6). He has a rich teaching experience - at undergraduate and postgraduate level - teaching courses on mechatronics, mechanisms design and analysis, vehicle design, design for manufacturing and more. He has also been a member of the Scientific Committee of the program of many scientific conferences in the field of robotics.


Research Interests:

  • Design of mechatronic products and systems focused on modeling phases of the conceptual design phase.
  • Design of controllers for robotic arms, mechatronic systems and for rehabilitation of lower limb disabilities.
  • Design of medical devices.
  • Design of robotic cells with metamorphic arms.
  • Mechatronic gripper design.
  • Robot Kinematics.
  • 2004 Ph.D. Diploma Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras. Title: “Modeling of the conceptual design phase based in Artificial Intelligence techniques- Application to Mechatronics Design”.
  • 1996 Mechanical Engineering Diploma,Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras.
  • Dimeas, F., Moulianitis, V. C., & Aspragathos, N. (2018). Manipulator performance constraints in human-robot cooperation. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 50, 222-233.
  • Moulianitis, V. C., Zachiotis, G. A., & Aspragathos, N. A. (2018). A new index based on mechatronics abilities for the conceptual design evaluation. Mechatronics, 49, 67-76.
  • Syrimpeis, V., Moulianitis, V., Aspragathos, N. A., & Panagiotopoulos, E. (2017). A Knowledge Based System for the Selection of Muscles for Gait Phase Detection using EMGs. International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics (IJHISI), 12(2), 18-45.
  • Moulianitis, V. C., Synodinos, A. I., Valsamos, C. D., & Aspragathos, N. A. (2016). Task-Based Optimal Design of Metamorphic Service Manipulators. Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, 8(6), 061011.
  • Dimeas, F., Sako, D. V., Moulianitis, V. C., & Aspragathos, N. A. (2015). Design and fuzzy control of a robotic gripper for efficient strawberry harvesting. Robotica, 33(5), 1085-1098.
  • Valsamos, C., Moulianitis, V. C., Synodinos, A. I., & Aspragathos, N. A. (2015). Introduction of the high performance area measure for the evaluation of metamorphic manipulator anatomies. Mechanism and Machine Theory, 86, 88-107.