Electronic Commerce.  Accepted for publication, 2001

GAIA: A Generic Architecture and Applicable Platform for Information Brokerage

J. Hands, J Darzentas, J.S. Darzentas, T. Spyrou, P. Koutsabasis, R. Smith.


The massive growth and understanding of Internet network and technology is leading to a notable shift in electronic commerce research. After studying various service infrastructure issues (for example: product cataloguing, electronic payment, delivery of goods), the question is now how these services can be offered by one provider-broker as one set of uniform services that involves a large number of suppliers. The ACTS (AC221) project GAIA (Generic Architecture for Information Availability) designed a brokerage service and software architecture that integrates the variety of services that are required in the electronic commerce world, in a manner that is generic and applicable to diverse application domains. This paper focuses on the GAIA functional architecture and debates the technical approach taken with regard to the aims of the brokerage service. The evaluation of the GAIA system is also presented from the perspective of the customer, supplier and system designer.



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