JORS, Vol. 47, Nos. 2, 1996

Ferry Traffic in the Aegean Islands: A Simulation Study

J. Darzentas and T. Spyrou

Department of Information and Communication Systems, University of the Aegean, GR 83200 Karlovassi, Samos, Greece

E-mail: {idarz, tsp}


A simulation of ferry traffic in the Aegean islands, which is being used as a decision aiding system for regional development, is presented. The model has been developed using SIMSCRIPT II.5 and its major variables and parameters, for which data are available, consist of types of vessels, harbour layouts, weather conditions, passenger and vehicle demand, types of vehicles, loading and unloading times. The model has inbuilt flexibility to consider additional variables and parameters depending on data availability and scenarios to be examined. The graphics interface is based on a chart of the Aegean islands and the various types of vessels appear as dynamic entities on the screen either moving or queuing outside of busy ports. Itineraries are defined through the graphics editor on the basis of co-ordinates on the chart. It has been used for studying scenarios to compare many combinations of various types of vessels, various types of harbour layout, differing routes, passenger and vehicle demands, even the establishing of new ports. It can also be used to aid decision making about non-profit making itineraries which could then qualify for government subsidies.



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