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Hellas Super Patch PES3 (PC) contains :

- All 16 Greek teams of A'Ethniki (National A').
- Complete rosters with unsurpassed realism for all teams(National/Club, Greek/other). All transfers included.
- EURO 2004 complete rosters & numbers for 12 out of 16 teams.
- A ton of new faces, correct hair, shoes, weight, height, age for all players.
- Stats of players are based on CM4 stats as converted in EditPES3OptionFile v1.3 option file editor that I would recommend to anyone who wants to make more changes.
- Stategies, captains, kickers are set for all teams.
- Correct gloves for most Goalkeepers, with a ton of new gloves based on real textures.
- 6 Greek Stadiums - which were also included in Hellas_PES3 (PC)v.2 patch (AEK Arena Stadium, Karaiskaki Stadium, Kaytatzoglio Stadium, Leoforos Stadium, Nea Smyrni Stadium, Toumpa Stadium).
- New 3-5 Pigadia Naousa practice stadium.
- New Le Coq Sportif Triatom ball (official ball of Greek Cup).
- New Supersport scoreboard with Kyros Vassaras saying "Go on" in Greek, Greek letters for player status (T,A,M,E), and the Triatom ball for penalty shots.
- New Flags for all teams all the way to "fifa fair play flag".
- New Backgrounds!
- New Music!
- Kits for all Greek teams and correct numbers (font,side,color)!

Download ( 68,3 MB ) Readme.doc

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