Dr. Spyros Bofylatos

Course instructor

Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering

School of Engineering || University of the Aegean

Spyros Bofylatos holds a PhD from the Department of Product and System Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean. His research interests include design for sustainability, social innovation, craft, coDesign, open design, service design, critical thinking and disruptive practices.

Hi this is my webpage but instead of creating one more useless page i decided to just give you the links necessary from my social media.





Finally you can always reach me through this new thing called e-mail! My address is bofy (at) aegean.gr


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*Disclamer* In the spirit of craft this webpage has been craften using microsoft notepad and rudimentary knowledge of HTML. No code plagiarising or whatever, you only get what you are capable of making.